HSLUWI - Projektplattform


Deadlines HS18 FS19
Registration and entry into the student pool on hsluwi.ch
  • Registration via myCampus for BAT and PAIND is still required
  • For doing PAIND in spring semester and BAT in fall semester, you must send in an application to the programme director.
Submission of Project proposal - Students are usually expected to have their own project proposals
  • The project proposal has to be discussed in advance with a lecturer of business engineering department (.doc-file in the download area on hsluwi.ch)
Publication of project ideas pool - students who are unable to submit their own project proposal will receive a list of available project proposals
  • Early inspection is excluded
Selection of topics - indication of priorities 1-3
  • Only students who have not entered their own project proposal
Assignment of topics and supervisors 06.07.2018  
Uploading the task description to ILIAS (pdf-format)
  • Submitting the BAT Agreement (to Senior Assistant)
27.08.2018 - 07.09.2018  
Begin BAT/PAIND 17.09.2018  
Handing in PAIND
  • Place of delivery Report: Office D301 & Upload to Ilias (Report)
  • Place of delivery Flyer/Poster: Upload to Ilias (Flyer/Poster)
Report: 15 Uhr
Flyer/Poster: 24 Uhr
Handing in BAT
  • Place of delivery Report: Bachelor Secretariat D206 & Upload to Ilias (Report)
  • Place of delivery Flyer/Poster: Upload to Ilias (Flyer/Poster)
Report: 16 Uhr
Flyer/Poster 24 Uhr
Oral exam 14.01.19 -  02.02.19  
Bachelor Thesis exhibition (for BAT Students only) – mandatory 05.07.2019 (evening)
(not definitively)